Friday, June 18, 2021

Uniontown lawyer faces allegations of laundering money for drug dealers


Police say a Uniontown lawyer laundered money for drug dealers for a hefty price.

Tancredi Calabrese, 32, was the target of an eight-month police investigation for alleged money laundering.

“It is known that he would launder money through known drug dealers,” trooper Robert Broadwater said.

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According to court records, investigators used a confidential informant who was a former client of Calabrese.

Calabrese proposed setting up shell accounts to protect the sales.

“I believe, at first, it was supposed to be a nonprofit, but he opened up a business account for him. And that’s how he would be able to launder the money through him,” Broadwater said.

The lawyer allegedly wanted big money.

“It was $10-20,000. Then he tried to get another $30-40,000 off of him,” Broadwater said.

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Calabrese’s defense attorney spoke to KDKA about the accusations.

“In this particular case, the government ‘developed’ a confidential informant, which means they gave him one get-out-of-jail pass,” attorney Thomas Shaffer said.

Shaffer told KDKA that investigators saw what he calls a weakness in Calabrese’s heroin addiction and exploited it.

“My client did it because he has an uncontrollable habit,” Shaffer said.

“I believe it’s a case of entrapment,” he added.


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