Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Uganda: Moroto Government Officials Arrested over Corruption and Abuse of Office


The officer in charge of criminal investigations desk for Moroto District has been arrested for allegedly failing to conduct her duties as a police officer.

ASP Judith Namatale was Tuesday arrested on orders of Lt. Col Edith Nakalema, the head of State House Anti-corruption unit, who has pinched camp in the district and currently investigating officials over corruption and abuse of office.

Lt. Col Nakalema ordered ASP Namatale’s arrest after she failed to explain why she didn’t take action against Dr Philip Kakungulu who was accused of removing his patient’s uterus under unclear circumstances.

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ASP Namatale failed to explain why she didn’t act even after opening general file inquiry.

“You are under arrest and investigation for failing to explain why you didn’t play your role in executing your mandate,” Lt. Col Nakalema ordered during an open and interactive session with the community and district leaders at Moroto District Chamber Hall.

During the meeting, a woman who was told not to reveal details about herself said she was in labour when she was rushed to Dr Kakungulu’s clinic.

The doctor allegedly operated her to save the baby but removed her uterus in the process.

The Moroto Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Peter Ken Lochap said his office received the woman’s complaint and directed police to close the clinic which was not done.

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As a result, Ms Nakalema ordered Dr Kakungulu attached to Moroto Regional Referral Hospital to be arrested for allegedly carrying out illegal operations that have seen some mothers lose their uteruses in his private clinic.

Dr Kakungulu did not attend the meeting.

Nine other officials including the principle administrator for Moroto regional referral hospital Mr Geoffrey Mawa, senior hospital administrator Mr Otim Oleu, hospital accountant Ms Joyce Falaya, hospital procurement officer Ronald Opio and hospital human resource officer Mr Denis Katinda were arrested.

Others included Moroto district planer Opio Pola, Mr Joseph Maruk, the district procurement officer and Mr Julius Ourum, the district internal.

Ms Nakalema assured the community that issues concerning Moroto Hospital would be handled by ministry of health top management.

Lt. Col. Nakalema said her team was in the district to find solutions to the various concerns that the unit has been receiving through its call center.

The issues raised by the callers include;

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1. Cost of repair and fuel for hospital motor vehicle.

2. Hospital holding two staff parties on consecutive days.

3. The hospital spending Shs20 million on a football match yet the hospital was in darkness for two days.

4. Nepotism in job recruitment

5. Accountability for the three boreholes meant for Nadugenti Sub County and one bore hole budgeted for Luba Sub County.

6. Non-payment of some hospital staff that has led to some staff members quitting work.


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