Wednesday, April 21, 2021

South Africa: Police are the most corrupt public servants – Corruption Watch report


Corruption in the police service constituted the most reports received in 2019, Corruption Watch said on Tuesday.

According to the organisation, 1,591 whistle-blowers exposed corruption in different sectors across the country.

The third edition of half-yearly publication Analysis of Corruption Trends Report revealed that, for the first time, the police had overtaken sectors such as schools, health and local government.

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The leading forms of corruption in the police were abuse of power (35.7%) and bribery (30.6%).

Whistle-blowers alleged that the police network of patronage protected the corrupt and  punished those striving to blow the whistle on graft, or members of the public seeking help after filing a case.

According to the report, corruption in schools stood at 30.6%.

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“This is often at the hands of principals, school officials and school governing body members who deploy elaborate schemes to steal funds and divert resources that are intended to enhance learner education and environment.

“This constitutes a violation of human rights at the most fundamental level.”

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In the report, a whistle-blower claimed that an employee was wrongfully appointed to multiple posts, earning salaries from  the school governing body and the department of basic education.

According the whistle-blower, the person failed to fulfill the tasks and responsibilities that came with the position.

At local government level, the most corruption reports, 35.5%, related to procurement irregularities in municipalities.


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