Friday, April 23, 2021

Namibia: Anti-graft agency short of skills to implement and monitor anti-corruption programmes


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) faces numerous challenges in the fight against corruption in Namibia.

The commission faces a shortage of technical monitoring and evaluation skills for effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of anti-corruption programmes, projects or strategies.

This was said by ACC director general Paulus Noa, in a speech read on his behalf during a recent meeting between Oshana regional governor and a Jiangxi provisional delegation from China last week.

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“The corruption risk assessment (CRA) tool the ACC is currently using does not produce quality and high standard results. We need a practical tool that can help the ACC to conduct an in-depth system analysis to effectively identify loopholes for corruption.

“The fight against corruption is a matter of political commitment, without which all anti-corruption programmes may not achieve their desired goals. Namibia will always be in need of programmes that promote political will and commitment against corruption,” said Noa.

Noa also noted that the ACC needs presiding officers who can handle cases to enhance the investigation capacity and speed up the finalisation of cases and successful prosecution.

“ACC is ready to learn from international best practices in the fight against corruption and we are looking forward to securing assistance from the Jiangxi provincial commission for discipline inspection of CPC,” he said.

He added that corruption is a serious threat to stability and security and a barrier to economic development as it jeopardises sustainable development and discourages investment.

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Corruption also undermines the values of democracy, it eases organised crimes, it causes environmental damage and it undermines the fair administration of justice and its efficiency.

Oshana governor, Elia Irimari said the region had strengthened its friendly relations with the Jiangxi province and established a good relationship that now presents an enabling environment for Oshana region and Jiangxi province aimed at implementing joint projects, capacity programmes and sharing expertise to support the economic transformation of the two regions.

“The cooperation between Oshana region and Jiangxi province has benefited Oshana in various ways, most particularly in terms of education and training. I must indicate that the scholarships provide opportunities to our children from underprivileged backgrounds and therefore we are grateful to the provincial government of Jiangxi for this support,” said Irimari.

The Oshana Regional Council and Jiangxi province signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at developing exchange programmes that promote sustainable development between the two parties.


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