Friday, January 22, 2021

Zambia: Lamasat International bribes Supreme Court judges over $12m debt


Even before Zambians forget the corruption involving several Supreme Court Judges over the Stanbic versus Savenda scandal, some Supreme Court Judges have been named in another bribery scandal, this time around involving Lamasat International.

Lamasat International owes Atlas Mara US12million. A few weeks ago, the Court of Appeal found that indeed Lamasat owes Atlas Mara $12 million and has failed to pay back so Lamasat should be placed on receivership so that the bank can recover its money.

But now the Supreme Court is in the process of reversing this Court of Appeal Judgment, after being bribed by Lamasat.  The Supreme court has already issued a stay of prosecution against Atlas Mara. This means that the Bank through their receiver Mwenya Mukupa have been ordered to stop whatever processes they had been doing at Lamasat. By the way the Watchdog knows what games Mwenya Mukupa is playing also.

According to sources, Lamasat through their lawyer Bonaventure Mutale have allegedly paid huge sums of money to three Judges in the Supreme Court to rule in favour of Lamasat International. The three judges named are Gregory Phiri, Evans Hamaundu and acting deputy chief justice Michael Musonda.


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