Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Kuwaiti court sentence dozens of government officials for embezzling $392 million


A Kuwaiti criminal court sentenced dozens of government officials to prison on charges of seizing public funds late on Sunday.

Brigadier General Adel Al Hashash was given a 30 year sentence and removed from his post, according to a court statement. A member of the royal family was also sentenced to two years in prison.

Twenty-four officials from the interior and finance ministries were charged for fraud, gross negligence, money laundering and appropriation of public funds.

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The court ordered the men to return a total of 120 million dinars ($392 million) that was taken from the state.

Funds and commission given to Gen Al Hashash were confiscated also.

The case against Gen Al Hashash stipulated that he used his roles as director of the public relations department and spokesman of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior to embezzle funds under the pretext of spending on conferences and delegations.

The Public Prosecution Office was able to seize Gen Al Hashash’s real estate assets valued around 35 million dinars ($113 million) out of the tens of millions that were seized from public funds.

The charge against Gen Al Hashash was issued after a Public Prosecution’s pleading said “rampant corruption is draining Kuwait’s national economy.”

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The court said Gen Al Hashash’s case was linked to “forgery, money laundering and embezzlement.”

Among the officials charged with money laundering was Walid Al Sanea and Abdullah Al Hammadi.

They were both sentenced to 17 years in prison for obtaining funds seized by the state for criminal activities.


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