Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Ecuador: Former President Rafael Correa Calls Bribery Case a Farce


Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa stated this Friday that the Bribery Case 2012-2016 case aimed at charging him and several of his former officials with corruption is a farce.
In an interview with Russia Today, the former president assured that the preventative detention order dictated on Thursday by Judge Daniella Camacho is not the farce, but the case as a whole.

It is a case that started with claims that Odebrecht had imposed the president, that was the headline, saying that Odebrecht had financed my campaign in 2013. They haven’t even linked me to Odebrecht, look at the level of farce said Correa, who ruled the country with great popularity for his social and economic policies from 2007 to 2017.

He also questioned the 15 million dollars supposedly allocated to him for propaganda, diffusion in social networks, conventions, and events in his electoral campaign.

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Finally, I just recieved an order for my detention, among other evidence because of a deposit of 6,000 dollars, believe it or not, in May 2014, due to claims these were illegal funds, Correa explained.

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He noted that this sum was a loan he requested from the fund that he created with his own contributions from the presidency of the Republic and it was paid back in 12 payments until August 2015.

On Thursday, Correa presented on Twitter the documents that prove the payments of this money.

He said that what really needs to be investigated is the case of the INA Papers, because Moreno needs to go to jail. The Bribery Case, also known as ‘Green Rice,’ features a list of 22 other people on the payroll along with the former president, including former Vice President Jorge Glas, who is serving a sentence after a judicial process plagued with irregularities, according to public reports.

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