Sunday, November 28, 2021

Feds haven’t delivered on promises to combat money laundering: B.C.’s Attorney General


The Prime Minister has been doling out money across the country ahead of the fall election, but so far he hasn’t followed through on some significant promises in B.C.

B.C.’s Attorney General David Eby is blasting the federal government for failing to follow through on promises to help B.C. combat money laundering.

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“If we’re on our own on this, the federal government should tell us that,” Eby says.

He says it’s been months since he raised the alarm about the extent of money laundering in B.C., but he hasn’t seen any resources or money coming from the federal government.

“It’s their responsibility, and to know that we’ve gone so long without any announcement of even one that I am aware of — additional police officer at the federal level working on this issue– is disturbing, and I think time is running out for them to take that action,” he says.

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Eby is referring to the clock running out before the writ drops ahead of the federal election coming this fall.

He says if there are no federal officers or forensic accountants dedicated to combat money laundering, it means the work — which is under federal jurisdiction — is simply not being done.

“We’re going into a public inquiry on this in the fall, and I can’t imagine that this is going to be the way the federal government is going to go into that process, with people hearing evidence about how the problem got so out of control in British Columbia,” he says.

In May, B.C. unveiled two investigations into money laundering that found more than $7 billion in dirty money was being laundered in the province

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The Prime Minister is making a stop in Surrey with Premier John Horgan on Thursday at noon.


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