Former Miss Honduran sentenced to six years in prison for money laundering

Shirley Nicole Velasquez Morales, a former Miss Honduras, has been sentenced to six years in prison for money laundering.

Her arrest, on October 22, 2019, in San Pedro Sula, with her husband, Gerson Varela-Flores, happened after not being able to justify the possession of $ 10,000, hidden in a housing cistern located in the Costa Verde Villa II neighborhood, in a private sector of Sampedrano.

Velasquez Morales appeared in 2012 as the face of Miss Honduras International. In 2019, agents integrated into the National Inter-Enterprise Security Force (Fusina) also seized three luxury cars – one of these armored vehicles – in the couple’s home, in an operation called “Odysseus X”.

Since then, Honduran prosecutors have brought charges against Velasquez Morales. The result is a fine of 3,675,000 LBP. In addition, the house in which they were captured has been taken over. Velasquez Morales has been in detention ever since.

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