Saturday, May 15, 2021

Former Bloomberg construction executive sentenced to 38 months in prison for kickback scheme


The former head of construction for Bloomberg LP was sentenced to 38 months in jail Tuesday for his role in a construction kickback scheme.

Anthony Guzzone, 51, of Middletown, New Jersey, was sentenced for evading taxes on more than $1.45 million in bribes he received from building sub-contractors, according to a news release. Guzzone was one of several people implicated in the scheme that netted them more than $5 million in bribes, the government said.

Michael Campana, 34, of Tuckahoe, New York, a subordinate construction manager at Bloomberg, was sentenced on July 24 to 24 months in prison, for evading taxes on more than $420,000 in the same scheme.

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Also, Turner Construction executives Ronald Olson, 53, of Massapequa, New York, and Vito Nigro, 59, of Middletown, New Jersey, managers that performed projects for Bloomberg, have separately pled guilty to evading taxes on more than $1.4 million and $1.8 million in bribes that they respectively received in the same scheme.

Olson is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 3, and Nigro is scheduled to be sentenced on March 8.

According to the government, they received bribes in various forms, including millions of dollars in cash, as well as construction projects on their individual homes and properties, and the direct payment of personal expenses.

Some of the personal expenses the government said they received included Guzzone getting several sets of Super Bowl tickets, worth approximately $8,000 per ticket, and sub-contractors paying more than $75,000 in costs related to Campana’s wedding.

“Bribery and tax evasion impose hidden, unfair costs on the law-abiding public. The type of criminality uncovered in this case imposes that burden widely, on customers, on employers, and on fellow taxpayers.  It is intolerable in a just society,” U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said in a government statement.

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The New York Post reported that Guzzone, who was paid $500,000 a year by Bloomberg, used some of the millions he received in bribes to build a Middletown, New Jersey mansion with elephant statues at the entrance, according to prosecutors.


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