Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Former South Korean musician Choi Jong Hoon sentenced for bribery


Choi Jong Hoon has received his sentence for alleged bribery during a drunk driving incident back in 2016 and spreading illegally-taken footage.

On the afternoon of March 27, Seoul Central District Court announced the verdict on Choi Jong Hoon’s first trial for the charges of attempted bribery and spreading illegally-taken footage.

The court sentenced Choi Jong Hoon to one year in prison suspended for two years of probation along with 80 hours in a sexual violence rehabilitation program.

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The court stated, “Choi Jong Hoon expressed his intent to offer a bribe to a public official for his personal gain, trying to damage the fairness regarding drunk driving control and trust in society.”

They added, “Furthermore, on his charge of filming a woman’s nude body, offering it to other people, and distributing pornographic material, he quickly and easily spread a video that could distort a sound sexual awareness, so the societal damage is great.”

The police previously booked Choi Jong Hoon for offering 2 million won (approximately $1,778) to the officer on the scene at the time to cover up his drunk driving incident in 2016. He was also charged with sharing illegally filmed footage.

Recently, Choi Jong Hoon was sentenced, alongside Jung Joon Young, to five years in prison after being convicted of charges of aggravated rape. They have both filed appeals for their sentences.

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