Sunday, April 11, 2021

Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme easy money laundering gateway – Cyber Policing CYBERPOL Chief


The International Cyber Policing Organization has placed an alert to international law-enforcement and IRS tax authorities internationally pointing out that Bicoins are an easy way of money laundering also known as AML. This comes after nearly 3 years of investigation by CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Organization public utility that announced that the uses of Bitcoin Mining is unlawful.

A week ago the CYBERPOL Red SoC Team said it has found a pattern that indicates clearly a price fixing and market manipulation which is the cause of large price swings The technical team pointed out that the market manipulations run over a 57 week cycle reference that in 2013, prices started at $13.30 rising to $770 by 1 January 2014 and the same patterns has been found in example Prices started at $998 in 2017 and rose to $13,412.44 on 1 January 2018 after reaching its all time high of $19,783.06 on 17 December 2017. It seems these cycles repeats itself in the 1Q of each year repetitively since 2013.

“These trends coincide with the taxation month of February each year in most parts of the world in particularly USA and China leaving us to believe that huge sums of Bitcoins are bought and sold in money laundering scams prior to the ending of tax year periods” the CYBERPOL Red SoC Team said. The Officer would not give further particulars and said: “Its and ongoing investigation”

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During September 2017 China banned trading in Bitcoin, which finally ended up in a complete ban 1st February 2018 largely due to AML money laundering discovered by the Chinese Police Authorities.

CYBERPOL President Ricardo Baretzky said, ” The fact is, we know that huge sums of money are being laundered using Bitcoins, some of it being attached to hedge funds companies and cyber crimes. This is far more effective than using casinos in the olden days, but rest assured, the days of corruption and money lauding using Bitcoins are counted ”

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President Baretzky pointed out that “Are you allowed to print money at home? The investigation into Bitcoin clearly provided overwhelming evidence that Bitcoin miners are creating Bitcoins and transaction fees, which are no less short of printing money at home, and driving up fake values creating the illusion that Bitcoins price increases. Further this integrates fake money into real money and Unlawful under international monetary laws.”

These cyber crimes directly implicate the public and it is reported that more than £180 Million were lost last year in United Kingdom on Bitcoin scams alone.

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“It’s easy Money” the President Baretzky said. More than 1,5 million Bitcoins were stolen since 2017 from unlawful crypto currency exchanges Baretzky pointed out. Corruption of financial institution that knows this has now been placed under investigation.

Last week CYBERPOL called for an urgent meeting with the IMF and said that this implicates the IMF at huge scale.
A full Internet Ban on Bitcoin mining could follow soon “Don’t be surprised if CYBERPOL issue a full ban on Bitcoin uses on internet in terms of the Budapest convention on cyber crimes” President Ricardo Baretzky said.


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