Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bangladeshi MP Papul admits giving bribes to Kuwaiti lawmakers


Laxmipur lawmaker Mohammad Shahid Islam alias Papul, who has been sent to jail in Kuwait on charges of human trafficking and money laundering, admitted to give bribes to the gulf nation’s officials, Kuwaiti media reports.

However, at the same time, Papul was justifying his payment of bribes and denied the accusation of bribery, reports Al Qabas daily.

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According to Arab Times, during the public prosecution investigations in Kuwait, in order to defend himself, Papul said, “I am clean, but officials are not clean!”

Justifying his bribery Papul said, “I have 9,000 workers in Kuwait, and 100% worthy tenders. No one has complained about my level of work, but some officials are stopping my tenders. The only way of passing them is by paying the money, so what do I do in such a case?”

Official sources revealed to Al Qabas that over the past two months, a number of Kuwaiti government agencies have extended more than four government contracts of companies owned by Papul.

The sources pointed out that the contracts of government agencies were completed years ago, but some of them ended over the past two months, and were extended.

The total value of the four contracts is one million Kuwait dinars ($3.25 million), and most of them are related to workers employed as cleaners.

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Papul further stated that his companies own equipment that other companies do not possess, as evidence of the quality of the services he provides to the government agencies contracted with, according to a source of the Arab Times.

“The only problem lies with how some Kuwait officials operate,” the Arab Times reported as quoted Papul saying.

The prosecution will transfer all the accused to the criminal court as soon as the evidence and documents collection is completed.

Regarding the amount of time needed to refer to the criminal court, the daily revealed that for such an issue, with the emergence of names, personalities and serious charges, there needs a long time to ensure that no official or citizen who had a hand in it can escape accountability.

Meanwhile, a judicial source admitted to Qabas daily that, “The only way for a briber to escape punishment is if he reports his crime, and reveals those who forced him to pay the money, either to complete his work, otherwise he is accused of the crime, and there are no excuses.”

Papul, an independent member of parliament elected from Lakshmipur 2 constituency, was arrested by Kuwait authorities on June 7 in Kuwait City on charges of human trafficking and money laundering.

Kuwait also suspended a major general in connection with his alleged link with human trafficking and the visa trading business of Papul.

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According to Al Qabas, Papul is a member of a three-man racket whose other members include another Bangladeshi MP, whose wife is also an MP from the seats reserved for women.

It added that the trio occupied sensitive positions in three major companies that brought over 20,000 Bangladeshi workers into Kuwait in exchange for large sums of money believed to be in excess of 50 million dinars.

Kuwaiti media have also accused Papul of trading visas and siphoning off money to the US for laundering.


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